Military Appreciation Day event to be held on Statesboro campus April 24

Nathan Weaver

A military appreciation day event has been scheduled to be held on Georgia Southern University’s Statesboro campus on April 24.

The inspiration for the event came from the Armstrong campus, where a military appreciation day has been held for a number of years, Dantrell Mayweather, Student Government Association vice president of military affairs, said.

Mayweather met with his counterpart, VP Anand Rao of the Armstrong SGA, and took the idea for the event from her.

“In an effort to make the consolidation smoother, I met with my counterpart [on the Armstrong campus],” Mayweather said. “They do a military appreciation day every year.”

Mayweather’s plans for the event include a push-up and sit-up contest with servicemen, a barbecue in the middle of the day at the Russell Union building and a signable poster. Students will be invited to share kind thoughts on veterans and military service on the poster, which will later be hung up in the military affairs office.

For more details concerning the event contact Mayweather at

Nathan Weaver, The George-Anne News Reporter,