GS Staff discuss favorite GS Traditions


Tatiana Joseph-Saunders, Culture Reporter

Here at Georgia Southern, there are so many traditions that Eagles of all ages have loved and shared. This is a common thing at universities and colleges, there are often traditions that are even shared with incoming students on tours or introduction ceremonies.

I thought I could ask different groups on campus about their favorite traditions; ranging from professors to students to staff to athletes. Without further ado, let’s see what are some of the professors of Georgia Southern’s favorite traditions!

First, we have Timothy Giles, Professor of Writing and Linguistics speaking on how he favors the traditional lantern walk. 

“I’ve always thought the lantern walk around campus the night before graduation sounded like it would be fun. That, and Sweetheart Circle being named for how students entertained their “sweethearts” in the campus’ early days.”, Giles said. The lantern walk is an annual event at Georgia Southern. This is when graduating Eagles gather at Sweetheart Circle and reminisce about some of their favorite memories here at Georgia Southern University. 

Dr. Adrienne Cohen has a quite colorful favorite tradition, The Holi Festival.

“One that I love that I have been to a few times is the Holi Festival. [In the] photo [there’s] me, my husband Mike Williams on the left and our friend Mike Czech on the right in 2018.  Holi is an Indian festival that takes place in the spring.  Holi is a popular ancient Hindu festival, also known as the Indian “festival of spring”, the “festival of colours”, or the “festival of love”. The festival signifies the victory of good over evil.   

On campus it is celebrated with dancing and of course the dumping of tons of colorful powder all over everyone.  It is a blast and I miss it.  Hopefully it will come back again once the pandemic is over.  I treasure my Holi tee shirt.”


The Holi Festival is a very popular tradition among students and faculty, a lot of students love all the colorful chaos and jovial music.


There are so many traditions that Georgia Southern has accumulated over the years, whether it’s festivals, nostalgic lantern-lit walks, Freedom the beloved eagle taking flight, and more! Check back with The Reflector after Thanksgiving break to see some of the favorite traditions from GS Alumni!