Lactation Station

By Elizabeth Danos, News Editor

The Student Union now offers mothers the convenience of a lactation room to provide a safe and private place for moms while nursing and/or using a breast pump. With Armstrong’s student population being over 60-percent female, it was time for the school to provide amenities for the women who are not only students, but mothers as well.

It’s safe to say that Armstrong has more mothers than most universities since a large percentage of students are commuters, and some are coming back to school later in life. Located in the Student Union, the facility will be a place where mothers can go, and know they are in a safe and secure area.

Armstrong student Rodrika Bailey commented on the news of a lactation room, “It’s a wonderful idea and great location. Amenities for mothers are important and should be respected.” If a mother needs to breast pump or even nurse her child, it’s important that she has a safe place to do it. Rodrika went on to say, “Mothers are students too and it is necessary to have a room for those who rather breastfeed in private, but mothers should not be defined to it. Those who wish to breastfeed should still be allowed to do so publicly if they want.”

Lactation rooms are becoming more common on campuses throughout the country. Now, more than ever, women are starting to take on the world of higher education and the world of motherhood simultaneously. So, it’s important that schools work with them so they can get the most out of their schooling experience.

Caroline Braun, a senior at Armstrong said, “I really admire the moms I’ve met on campus. In addition to being mothers, they are also students and so many of them have jobs too.” Moms already have a lot on their plate, so if the school can provide them with a safe and peaceful place to lactate, all the better. Caroline also stated, “The school should be interested in removing barriers that stand in the way of student achievement and it gives moms one less thing to worry about in an already demanding day.”

The lactation room is located on the second floor of the Student Union,  right outside of the  Ogeechee Theatre. Mothers that want to use the room should contact the Student Union via email to schedule a time  to use the room. It is open Monday through Friday during office hours.