Comedian Landry pokes fun at Pirates

By Emily Smith, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Armstrong students finished the second week of classes with some much needed comic relief on August 28. About 200 audience members were entertained in the Savannah Ballroom by comedian Landry.

The Canada native, known for his likeable hair, kept everyone’s attention with jokes about the city of Atlanta, Armstrong’s parrot-less mascot, and his upbringing as an interracial love child. This being his first time in Savannah, he drooled over his first meal at Cracker Barrel and his newfound love for “hillbilly hummus” or grits.

He did not shy away from making light of his personal experiences and was highly interactive with the audience.

“It’s nice that he got on the audience,” Caledonia Foster, a freshman history major said. “He was hilarious.”

This particular comedian had a unique style that made the audience feel like he was a friend and not just a performer. Not only did he make the crowd roar with his stereotype jokes, but he also offered genuine advice through his personal experiences.

“You’re not just funny from the start. Trying to convey a story is difficult. You’ve got to get beat up a few times,” said Landry.

His interaction with the audience was refreshing and he even took a few photos for his Instagram while on stage. Pretty soon his act turned into a mini talent show where two students graced the stage with their own joke telling and dancing. Although the atmosphere was light hearted and laid back, some audience members seemed to question his jokes about terrorists and deportation.

When asked about what impact he believes that these jokes make, Landry said, “I always have an opinion, and everyone should. I get a point across. I don’t like it, so I turn the ignorance around.”

For a lot of comedians, humor is a way to lighten up serious problems in society. The sooner people can laugh about things, the sooner minds may be changed. Landry was arguably the most entertaining and well intentioned performers that has come to Armstrong and audience members personally invited him back.

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