Collaboration models take on worst fears in style

By Tiesha Holmes, Staff Writer


The Collaboration Models organization held their annual preshow event on Oct 27 in the Savannah Ballroom. This year’s theme was centered towards the approaching Halloween holiday.

To set the mood, guests were greeted with an array of ghoul masks, glow sticks and typical Halloween treats.  An enthusiastic emcee got the show started with off-the-cuff jokes, warming up the crowd to face their darkest fears.

Loud, crying toddlers can be any young person’s worst nightmare. The children were the first to grace the stage in the “Fatal Attraction” scene. The models were dressed in all black, and were preceded by a grim reaper who came to collect their debts.

The witches were next to take the stage. They enchanted the audience with their hats and magic potions. Jasmine Sellers, who played a wicked witch in the show, said, “All the days of practice built my excitement for the show.”

Incorporating current popular entertainment was a recurring theme. The “Walking Dead” models tested the fear that there is possibly another world among us that we are not aware of. A dancing disco couple from the 70s showed that they could still keep a party going among the living. A waitress who appeared to be a victim of hit-and-run still enjoyed earthly pleasures with a glass of wine in tow.

To keep the audience entertained during intermission, Armstrong’s Dance Team performed a routine to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” Their high intensity and upbeat movements combined with their freakish makeup wowed the crowd and left everyone in anticipation as to which direction to look.

Of course, what’s Halloween without a few dazzling bloodsuckers? The vampires adorned with fangs and ashen makeup were straight out of a teen novel. To finish off the show, the audience dealt with the return of the “Psycho Ex.”

“That is the part I connected with most!” said audience member Tiara Miller.

We’ve all dealt with, or could possibly be, the one that just can’t let go of a relationship. The familiar look of desperation and sadness combined with craziness was noticeable on all of the models’ faces.

The annual Fall show will take place on Nov. 8 at 8 p.m. in the Savannah Ballroom. Collaboration Models President Brittney Fuller stated that the focus of this show will be on the popular, avant garde, couture French fashion.