Panel on underground Hip-Hop educates during Diversity Week


Miggs Photo Credit: Connect Savannah

Miggs Photo Credit: Connect Savannah
Photo Credit: Connect Savannah

By Joan Montanez, Staff Writer

In honor of Diversity Week 2014, Armstrong hosted Hip-Hop Summit: Unsigned Hype to entertain and educate through Hip-Hop music. A panel discussion was held about making it in the music industry.

From the chaotic Bronx to the “chill” style of Cali; from East Coast vs. West Coast to autotune, Hip Hop has evolved in so many directions.

We hear about Snoop Dogg, Drake, 2Pac and Biggie, but many don’t realize that there is an entire underground movement.

Armstrong took the time to find some well-recognized, local artists: Knife, Basik Lee and Miggs. They came to Armstrong to shine some light on the music industry and what it takes to be a break-through artist.

The three artists captivated the audience’s attention by being blunt and honest with their discussion and letting Armstrong know that Hip Hop isn’t only what you see in the mainstream media or what we hear on the radio. Hip Hop has more to it than the glitz and glam: it is an art and a profession that these three progressive artists take seriously. They explained  how important it is for them to keep their integrity as artists.

“Music is food for the soul, I’m not going to feed you anything that I am not going to eat,” Basik Lee said. Knife explained, “I will gladly sell what I do, but I don’t have this capitalist mentality to go and get the money. I will do it because I want to.”

Miggs has no problem getting paid for his craft, but remarked, “But if you want to change me? No, I’m good.”

Between the three of them, they explained that it is a battle to do what you love because there are people constantly trying to tell you how to do it. But ultimately, each has a different goal and a different drive.

“Rapping is the one thing that I do with 100% confidence. I want to go down as the best rapper to be around,” Knife told the audience.

Miggs is getting ready to go on tour throughout the East Coast, along with Basik Lee. Pursuing what they love is not a hassle, rather it’s a passionate goal. There isn’t anything stopping them from achieving it, either. Those that attended the event were also entertained by the artists free-styling and dropping some words of wisdom. Basik Lee beat-boxed, while Miggs and Knife free-styled about objects the audience gave them. The Hip-Hop Summit was a great way to educate on the life of underground Hip Hop artists with some great talent showcasing.