Masquers ends semester with ‘The Birds: A Modern Adaptation’

By Caitlyn Austin, Staff Writer

Saturday night marked the next to last performance for the Masquers in their production of “The Birds: A Modern Adaptation.” The fully packed audience had high expectations and the Masquers, as usual, did not disappoint.

The play was a complete success thanks to director Peter Mellen, stage manager Rachel Parlett, and every other crew and cast member who had the honor of participating. Everything from the acting to the set, costumes and make-up was ship-shape. The cast, consisting entirely of Armstrong students, was obviously chosen with care. They delivered their lines with grace and an ease that suggested much practice.

Senior PJ Pirkle, who played the character of Titmouse, said “I always enjoy performing and intend to keep doing so.” She plans to one day own her own theater. Another senior, Daniel J. Hilton, who portrayed Eulipides admitted having to overcome stage fright in order to begin acting.

The modern take on an old Greek play was received well by all and rewarded with a standing ovation. The audience seemed to thoroughly enjoy the Jersey Shore-esque setting portrayed by the beautiful background. The set was designed and built by Megan Baptiste-Field and various crew members. The make-up and costume crew sure had their work cut out for them; most of the characters are bird-people, after all. But they pulled through and came out with the most spectacular costuming. Alumni, faculty, students, family, and friends all agree that the Masquers deserved the standing ovation that officially ended that night’s performance.

Coral Acosta commented, “I absolutely enjoyed the production. The birds were really cute, and the whole play was clever and amusing. Even my 10-year-old could watch it and understand the humor.”

The Masquers would like to announce that their next production, “Water by the Spoonful” will begin auditioning on December 1 and 2. Auditions will be open to the general public and begin at 6:00 p.m. each day. The play consists of three female roles, five male roles and one role which may be played by a person of either gender.

The Masquers ask that each actor bring in a recent photo and resume and be prepared to perform short pieces from the script. Performance dates are set for February 26 until March 1. As always, the Masquers would like to thank everyone involved in the play for their participation, but especially the audience, without whom the Masquers would not be able to soar as they do.