The Inkwell interviews Gypsy Girl Vintage



By Erica Porter, Staff Writer

At 2405 Bull Street, right next to Back in the Day Bakery, sits one girl, her dream and her dog. Among the distinctive collection of vintage items that can be found at Gypsy Girl Vintage Clothing, one will also find a yellow lab named Gypsy Girl for whom the shop is named.

“Gypsy Girl Vintage is my life’s dream,” Owner Lisa Garneau Doyle said. “[Gypsy Girl] has been with me from the beginning and is now with me every day to greet customers.”

The shop officially opened in 1997 with Doyle’s original business, Lisa’s Piece’s Vintage.  Lisa’s Piece’s Vintage set up booths in Cobblestone Lane Antique Mall, 37th Street Antiques, Historic Savannah Antique Market, Habersham Street Antiques, Wright Square Antique Mall and Two Women and a Warehouse.

It was through Lisa’s Piece’s Vintage that Doyle established her business and built her credibility as an “expert picker.”

“I pride myself in selecting only those pieces that are valuable, desirable and groovy for customers,” Doyle said.

In March of 2014, Doyle opened up Gypsy Girl Vintage Clothing with partner Indre Palencia on Desoto Avenue. Only eight months later, they decided to move the shop to its current location on Bull Street.

“Bull Street was a natural draw for me. The traffic, Back in the Day Bakery patrons, and the desire for larger space were all factors that prompted my move,” explained the now sole-owner of Gypsy Girl Vintage.

With the expansion of the shop, Doyle has been able to add to Gypsy Girl’s collection of vintage clothing, shoes, purses, jewelry, and various accessories which all date from the Victorian Era to the 1980s. There is even a small, assorted section for guys.

“Exclusive, one-of-a-kind, and timeless are the type of things I sell,” Doyle said.

Recently, Gypsy Girl’s involvement in the First Friday Art March led to them being chosen as “the premier business for fashion design and accessories.”

The Art March by Art Rise Savannah is an art-walk in the Starland District that happens on the first Friday of every month.

“As a business in the Starland District,” states Doyle, “we are encouraged to participate in the Art March to promote our business and the creative art district.”

In addition to participating in the First Friday Art March, Gypsy Girl Vintage’s immense and diverse assortment of vintage items has allowed them to collaborate with the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) on several theatre projects.

While they haven’t worked with ASU’s theatre department yet, Doyle says, “I am looking forward to partnering with them.”

Lisa and her dog, Gypsy Girl, spend most of their days at the shop from 10:00am-5:00pm. It’s the perfect place for those in need of attire and accessories for theater, a themed party, or just an enjoyable night downtown. “I am passionate about and absolutely love what I do–second only to my son Adam,” continues Doyle. “[Gypsy Girl Vintage] adds a vibe that is unparalleled to any other shopping experience in Savannah.”