Georgia Southern and East Georgia State College sign student success agreement

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  • Georgia Southern University president Shelley Nickel and East Georgia State College president Robert Boehmer sat down last week to sign a renewed agreement between the two institutions. 

Nathan Weaver

A memorandum has been signed over spring break between East Georgia State College and Georgia Southern University that would make all courses taught by EGSC faculty now be offered GS and also move three EGSC support offices onto the GS Statesboro campus.

GS Director of Communications Jennifer Wise issued a press release announcing the agreement on March 22.

“The institutions are partnering to make it easier for students who start at EGSC to progress into academic opportunities on the GS Statesboro Campus,” Wise said.

EGSC will be moving its academic, faculty and administrative support offices into the Nessmith-Lane building on the GS Statesboro Campus. The two institutions are also creating a cooperative academic program designed to create opportunities for EGSC students to transfer to bachelor degree programs at GS.

GS university president Shelley Nickel expressed her desire to continue building ties with other institutions.

“We hope to build similar relationships with our partners throughout the region,” Nickel said, “to provide the best possible opportunities for the citizens of our region.”

EGSC president Robert Boehmer also issued a hopeful statement concerning the agreement.

“This new memorandum of understanding will enhance our ability to create direct pathways without loss of time or credits,” Boehmer said, “enabling students to move from an associate degree at East Georgia State College to a bachelor’s degree at Georgia Southern and then to employment in this great region.”

Nathan Weaver, The George-Anne News Reporter,