New signs, new look: Armstrong improves navigation on campus


Photo credit: Elizabeth Reid

Photo credit: Elizabeth Reid
Photo credit: Elizabeth Reid

By Greg Simpson, Staff Writer

As spring semester descends upon Armstrong, returning students are being greeted by new students, new teachers, and new signs around campus. Armstrong’s grounds and landscape crew have installed guide maps around campus, in heavy traffic areas, including the fountain behind the Student Union and the fountain in the center of the academic quad. These guide maps will help students and members of the local community navigate our beautiful campus.

Armstrong sophomore Alex believes the new signs on campus will be a really useful resource for new students. “They are in front of each new building, and plenty of people ask where their classes are, and these [signs] make it easier for them to find buildings,” Alex said.

Students also complimented the new look that the signs give the campus. The matte black finish, white letters, and maroon accents represent the school colors.

“I think that it looks really nice and really classy. It draws the eye toward Armstrong and makes it look like a really professional campus,” Nicole said, a junior here at Armstrong. She also went on to say how much it would really improve campus pride. “I think it will bring the campus together and gives off an exciting entrance as you come onto campus.”

Connor, an up and coming senior, believes that the signs are a helpful tool, helping students be more proactive in locating services from different buildings around campus, “I think they are really helpful for the incoming freshman and students that have been here for getting around campus. It gets people moving around and stuff, and not just going to the same places for help, now they can actually go around themselves instead of having to rely on others.”

There has also been a fair amount of excitement on campus over the largest signs; greeting students and faculty as they turn onto Arts Drive. While not as new as the recent additions to campus, the new sign bearing the school’s new official name is a symbol of Armstrong becoming a newer, more pristine campus on the outside, confirming what we all know it is on the inside.