Bestselling author offers college dating advice in new book

By Emily Smith, Arts and Entertainment Editor

If you have ever wanted dating advice or an overview of basic dating knowledge from an expert instead your roommate, then George Mouferrej is your go to source.
His book, “Sexual Euphoria: A Complete Guide For Men & Women” was an Amazon bestseller. He has also written numerous articles including two for Cosmopolitan Magazine and has appeared on Huffington Post TV. Able to discuss how to prepare for today’s dating scene, modern challenges, and what one should be aware of when they start dating, is relationship expert and author, George Moufarrej.

For many students, college is the first time that they have been away from home and possibly the first time that they have ever dated. It’s no surprise that college dating entails a lot of hookups and casual dating. This is where the main difference between high school and college dating can be detected. High school dating usually involves more exclusive labels. However, Moufarrej defends the notion that there is still a significant amount of young people who are not interested in a non- exclusive relationship. Just as one would suspect, one can meet these people by being social and going to parties, having friends introduce new friends, as well as getting to know people in class.

Moufarrej also discusses the complexity of social media when it comes to the dating scene. “Social media makes it easier for a person to meet new people. In a way, it is beneficial because a person can meet new people that they are compatible with easily and quickly,” he said. “However, it might be harmful because the relationships might be short lived and not very emotionally intimate because a person can move on to another dating partner easily and quickly.”

With apps like Tinder, it is easier than ever before to meet new people. Tinder is an app that shows profiles of singles in your area. Quick judgements are made based on limited information- name, age, pictures, and a list of mutual facebook friends (if any). If you swipe left the profile it goes into the dustbin of anonymous rejection. If you swipe the profile right you go to a private chatroom-assuming the other person swiped right on your profile too.

When Tinder was started, it was used by heterosexuals to meet nearby people looking for a purely physical relationship (friends with benefits). “It has evolved into a dating app, that is popular among single people,” Moufarrej says. “It is so popular that contestants in Miss USA and Olympic athletes have confessed to using it. It is a very effective way to meet people for dating.”

That being said, he also states that college students should not feel pressured to have sex until they are ready to do so, regardless of the “hookup culture” that may instill these pressures. “This is especially true for women,” Moufarrej says. “if they go out with a guy on several dates and he is paying, they should not feel pressured to have sex with him because he is paying or because they have been on several dates with the guy. Dating should be so that both people get to know each other and have fun.” He also goes on to say that safe sex should not be compromised.

George Moufarrej suggests date ideas such as going to a park or having a picnic as inexpensive yet fun activities. Dancing at a night club, trying a new restaurant together, or even reading a book to one another are also simple ways to spend time getting to know someone and have fun.

Moufarrej’s book teaches readers how to have a successful and pleasurable relationship. It can definitely benefit college students with their dating endeavors since it will let them know how to have fulfilling relationships when dating, and it will let them know how to have a pleasurable and satisfying sex life.