ASU Police introduce new safety app


Photo credit: Elizabeth Rhaney

Photo credit: Elizabeth Rhaney
Photo credit: Elizabeth Rhaney

By Zach Logan, Staff Writer

Over the last few months, Savannah has seen a rising spike in crime. With some of that crime taking place just miles from the ASU campus, Armstrong police are asking students to take necessary precautions.

Gunfire was reported in the Windsor Forest neighborhood Feb. 17. Although no one was injured, the Armstrong Police Department wants to remind students and faculty about the importance of personal safety.

Armstrong’s Police department works hard to monitor every square acre of the campus.

ASU Police Chief, Wayne Willcox, says the department relies partly on the teamwork provided by students and staff. “The safety of our community is a shared responsibility and the police rely upon information provided by our students, faculty, and staff.”

A good way to communicate to campus police, and safeguard the student and faculty’s safety is by downloading a new app to your smartphone. It’s called Pirate Guardian Personal Safety App and can be downloaded for free to both iOS and Android devices.

The app provides a number of features, like the emergency connection. If in trouble, the individual can contact the emergency connection, whether it be ASU Police or 911 if off campus.

That emergency connection provides law enforcement with the exact location of the person’s whereabouts. The app also includes a guardian timer function.

According to Chief Willcox, this function allows users to designate people they trust, like family and friends, as guardians.

Users can then set a timer while they are traveling around campus or around the city. If the timer is not deactivated, the app will notify the guardians and police that the user did not make it to their destination within the set time limit. It will also provide the phone’s location and allow guardians to check on the user. The app also allows users to provide anonymous tips and pictures to police.

Harley Adams is a first year student who lives on campus. She says that she’s never had an incident, but remains alert because of the campus being so open to the public. Adams thinks the app is a good idea, especially for students. “I believe it is a very good app for students to have. I think Armstrong is safe but everyone should always be aware of their surroundings and always let people know where they are especially if alone.”

To download the app, users can search RAVE GUARDIAN in their app store. Once installed, the app will guide users through signing up with ASU Police, as well as informing users on how to use the app.

ASU Police want students and staff to be informed and remain cautious, because an incident could happen at any time.