Masters of Education at Armstrong Set to Host Extravaganza

By Patricia Holt, Staff Writer

Armstrong’s Masters of Education Department is set to host the “It’s All About M.E.”  Extravaganza April 11 at University Hall from 1-4 p.m.

Steps toward future career goals, how to earn a master’s degree within a year, and many other highly marketable skills will be presented for attendees.

Each spring Armstrong Adult Education students choose a community agency and plan an event to educate adults as part of class requirements for ADED 7120: Program Planning and Evaluation.

In the past, students have partnered with such community agencies like:

  • St. Mary’s Community Center, where they worked with community members living in the area.
  • Federal Corrections Institution in Estill, South Carolina, where graduate students offered seminars for soon to be released inmates.
  • Thunderbolt Elementary School and Gould Elementary School, where parents were informed about upcoming standardized tests and what to expect and how to assist their children with these exams.

This year, graduate students have chosen to keep efforts local by putting on an event for the campus community.

The event sponsored by the M.Ed. in Adult Education graduate students is designed to showcase graduate programs in six areas of study. Speakers from across campus and the community will be present.

Professors and administrators will be on hand from each area to showcase programs and answer questions for each endorsement, certificate and master’s degree of study.  Community members within various fields of education will be available to share their personal experiences in the field.

The education fair is for anyone interested in a master’s degree and a desire to enhance their career, leadership, teaching, and community skills. Faculty, staff, students, and community members are all welcome to participate and hear about the various master’s degrees and programs offered in the College of Education.

Eleven graduate programs within the College of Education will be involved.

Come explore the many opportunities that the College of Education at Armstrong State University offers. For more information on the M.E. Extravaganza, contact Dr. Patricia Holt, professor of Adult Education, in the College of Education.