New Tybee Film Looking For College-Aged Extras

By Zach Logan, Staff Writer

Armstrong students are getting ready for their close up while Savannah is gearing up to host another film production. Producers are looking for college-aged individuals to serve as extras.

The official synopsis of the movie has not been announced but the Rose Locke Casting Director, Chad Darnell says he is looking for about 500 extras between 18 to 35 years old to be in a few of the spring break scenes on Tybee.

The extras may have the opportunity to briefly share the screen with successful faces like Zac Efron or Robert De Niro.

Some Armstrong students have already had practice serving as movie extras. Senior Armstrong student, Megan McCumber, was an extra in the Magic Mike sequel that wrapped up filming in Savannah last year.

McCumber enjoys participating in films and mentioned that she had already submitted her photo and information for the upcoming project. She likes that so many film companies are choosing Savannah to film.“I think having movies made in Savannah is awesome,” McCumber said. “It’s really cool being able to say you randomly bumped into three of the Magic Mike main characters and got a picture with them, which really did happen to me.”

The filming will start around the end of April and last through the middle of May. If you are available during those times and interested, then submit your photos and information to Be sure to include your name, telephone number, and the dates that you are available.