Meet Your Student Government Association Candidates

SGA voting for the 2015-2016 academic year is held April 13-15 on your Port of Armstrong account. Get in the know and get your vote on!


Marisol Estrada – SGA Presidential Candidate

Hello, my name is Elly Marisol Estrada. I am a sophomore at  Armstrong double majoring in Political Science and Spanish. I am running for the office of SGA President for the 2015-2016 academic year. I am running because I have been inspired by many student leaders on campus, and I hope to inspire others during my time as a rising servant leader at Armstrong.

I came to Armstrong in the Fall of 2013 and quickly became involved in campus life. I have served as a member and in the executive office of many student organizations here on campus, some of those include: SGA Secretary, Feminist United Vice President, Navigate Leader, Peer Financial Counselor, Amnesty International Treasurer, HOLA Fundraising Chair, and SGA Senator. I have also had the pleasure of being involved in the community. Some of my roles in the Savannah community include: Chatham Area Transit Advisory Board Vice Chair, GA Legal Services Volunteer, and Savannah Undocumented Youth and Allies. In the state of GA I am involved with GALEO (Georgia Association for Latino Elected Officials).  My passion in life is to serve. I love to help others and to see people happy. I have volunteered with several organizations during my time at Armstrong, such as Treasure Savannah, Light the Night: Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and CAMINO (College Access, Mentoring, Information and Outreach).

The top things I would advocate for if elected are campus stability and growth. Some of my goals include: a more vibrant campus, community unity, campus safety, campus wellness, financial literacy, policy clarity, improved communication and transparency. I look forward to working with and serving students at Armstrong.

If you have any questions, concerns or would like to get to know me a little more you can reach me at I also have an instagram campaign page you can follow: @vote4estrada and a facebook page:

Thank you for taking your time to read through our candidate statements and becoming an informed voter. Voting takes place on your Port of Armstrong April 13th-15th; tell your friends and make sure your voice is heard!



Matthias Downs – SGA Presidential Candidate

Greetings my fellow pirates,

My name is Matthias Downs Matt. I am a junior majoring in Cybercrime with a primary interest in cyber law and a personal interest in event planning and marketing. However, my personal interest doesn’t overshadow my passion for the law. I am currently running for the office of Student Government Association President for the 2015-2016 academic year.

The reason I am running for SGA president is because of my passion to serve the students of this campus. I have been a part the Student Government Association for three years now and have served in many calibers to engage and serve the students. This year’s and previous administrations have done great work to improve the campus under their administrations.

Under my leadership, I will work to improve how we as student leaders engage the students and organizations of this campus, work to increase our relationship with the Liberty Center because as the student government association we are the voice for all students, and that includes those students as well, and work to better reach out and engage the commuter and non-traditional student population of our campus.

My special plan I would enact if elected is to have a huge engagement campaign. A period of time where SGA and other organizations on campus will do different things to reach the students of our campus which means block parties, tailgates, movie nights, more community service projects, and much more as a way to engage the students of our campus because I am a firm believer that an engaged student is a retained student. With my years of experience I am equipped to ensure action is taken, and to ensure we as the student government association are making the voices of the students heard. Being the SGA Vice President has given me the insight needed to have a smooth transition into the role of the SGA President.

Vote Matthias Downs for your next SGA President because I am here to serve. I believe you should elect me to be your next SGA president because Downs won’t let you down. Thank you.


Miguel Rodriguez

Miguel Rodriguez – SGA Vice Presidential Candidate

My name is Miguel Rodriguez. I am a senior majoring in Psychology and minoring in Spanish. I am originally from Tifton, GA. A scholarship given to me by the Goizueta fund at Armstrong made me come to Armstrong. As freshmen, I joined the SGA senate, became the Marketing committee chair for Hola and joined Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity.  In Phi Iota Alpha, I have been President, Vice-President and I’m currently treasurer. I’ve also been part of Big Brothers Big Sisters, helping found the brother2brother mentorship program at Armstrong for incoming freshmen and others.

I am currently running for Vice-President of Armstrong’s SGA. I am running for office because I have been at Armstrong for 3 years now, and would love for those students here as well as the ones to come to succeed and develop as leaders, just like I have. I have also developed incredible love for Savannah and my alma matter, Armstrong, and want to see it progress.

I plan to improve the awareness of student success facilities, co-sponsor organizations in an effort to improve student engagement and increase student attendance, lighting and equipment to aid campus safety as well as an option in the SGA app to call the police department. I also hope to improve policy clarity  including resolutions/bills passed by the senate, catering appeals/RSO budget request process and other policies.

A special plan would be the re-installment of the Free Hour, which was in place a few years back, in order to get rid of the cliquey groups we have on campus and incorporate commuter students into campus life. During these hours there is much we can do to improve Student Life.

Students should vote for me because I can identify with the way of living of almost everyone. Students should also vote for me because I have an innate motif  to help students and make them feel welcome as I was by Armstrong. I am also the best fit for the position because I have the organizational and leadership skills needed to guide the senate into enacting and passing bills.

I will work on the goals I have set for my term if elected. In this way I will maximize the productivity of my term and the advancement of the students needs and success.



Henry Laxson – SGA Vice Presidential Candidate

(No statement given.)


Bailey Middlemas

Bailey Middlemas – SGA Treasurer Candidate

My name is Bailey Middlemas and I am running for treasurer of the student government.  I am a junior studying Economics here at Armstrong.  I am also an active member within Alpha Sigma Tau, having held multiple leadership positions, and serve on the Campus Panhellenic Board as Vice President of Recruitment.

For over 3 semesters, I served as the treasurer for my sorority, dealing with a budget exceeding $30,000 each semester.  A recent internship with the Savannah Chamber of Commerce increased my knowledge of our local economy and created a huge network which I would like to utilize for improving external relations in Savannah.

In obtaining the position of SGA treasurer, my aim would be to benefit the students, the faculty, and the community in ways that will promote campus involvement and retention.  I would ensure that funds are being properly allocated to student affairs, and that students are receiving the best quality education and amenities possible with regard to tuition paid. Remember to vote on the Port April 13-15!


Desiree Adams

Desiree Adams – SGA Treasurer Candidate

Hello students, faculty, and staff. My name is Desiree Adams and I am a junior Biochemistry pre-med major minoring in Neuroscience and Economics. I am running to be your 2015-2016 Student Government Association Treasurer. I have been an SGA Senator for the past 2 and a half years and I currently serve as the Co-Chair of Academic Student Success Committee where I have worked on e-core bill and honor cords bills and I worked on the Fall 2014 Town hall meeting. Last year as a senator I worked on town hall meetings, student activity committee, and helped with multiple blood drives.

On campus I am involved in the pre-med association, Student African American Sisterhood, Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society, emerging leaders, Chi Alpha, Baptist Collegiate Ministry, and STEP Research Program.

In the community I am involved as a volunteer science and math tutor  at the Boys and Girls Club. I was a  treasurer of the Youth Ministry Department at my church, and worked for the Savannah Herald Inc.

I am very confident that with my financial background I can lead the students of Armstrong effectively and make sure that they are able to have all the funds they need to properly hold an event on campus.

As treasurer I hope to provide the senators and executive board with a financial report at the first meeting of each month where the members in order for them to know and keep up with how much has been spent out of the senate and RSO budget and what  the money went towards. This will help with budgeting, to help make sure we don’t go over our budget.

Also as treasurer, I want to start a student alumni mentorship program that will allow students to get match in their freshman year with an alumni that has a career in their major field and receive advice on getting through college, different internships, jobs, how to handle student loan debt, and graduate schools. This mentorship program can help increase the retention rate on campus.

I want Armstrong students to be proud to go to Armstrong and feel like the school has successfully prepared them for life after college.

Vote for me, Desiree Adams for your 2015-2016 treasurer.


Hunter Hart

Hunter Hart – SGA Secretary Candidate

My name is Hunter Hart, and I am currently running for Student Government Association’s 2015-2016 Secretary position. I know I am relatively new on campus, but I want to introduce myself to the student body and let you know I am seriously interested in the position of Secretary. I am 19 years old and a freshman in Mechanical Pre-Engineering. I am passionate about all types of art, from 2D studio art to live action theater. I also enjoy many types of music and the escape it can offer. Should you elect me to be your SGA Secretary, I can guarantee that SGA will continue to be an organization for the students and by the students.

I sought out this position due to the fact that I love being involved on campus, from planning events to meeting the President’s Cabinet. In addition, I am very well organized and experienced to take on this role. I hope to work with the student body and give students the accountability and clarity they deserve. I will work to increase student engagement and mainly increase school spirit.

I have served on a student government board before where I was in charge of Homecoming. I am currently SGA’s President Pro Tempore, Chairman of Academic Student Success, Student Rep for Priority Registration Committee, a member of GSA, and a Housing and Residence Life Resident Assistant. I have been introduced to everything Armstrong has to offer by coordinating numerous events as well as working hand in hand with many organizations. I am extremely committed to the work I wish to put into this position and I can provide a brand new view on campus that Armstrong needs.

I have made it my personal goal to make sure the student body’s interests come first because SGA is meant to be a representation of the student body. My experience gained as an involved, dedicated student at Armstrong has given me the tools I need to be an effective Secretary and voice for our student body.



Emily Bressler – SGA Secretary Candidate

Hi my name is Emily Bressler. I’m currently a junior studying Public Health with a minor in Psychology. One major hobby of mine is going to concerts and music festivals. I’ve been to so many shows that I’ve lost count, but my top five would have to be Lady Gaga, Ne-Yo, Drake vs. Lil Wayne, Lionel Richie, and Aerosmith, all in that order.

Traveling is another interest of mine. I love going out and just getting lost in a new city, as long as my gps is working that is.

Now that you know a little about me, I want to inform you that I am running to be your Student Government Secretary. The reason that I am running for this position is because I believe I can help bring a fresh perspective to this campus. I transferred from Georgia State my sophomore year and coming from a school that has about 50,000 students to one that about 7,000 was a big change. Though Armstrong is small, I believe that we as students have to power to make this campus grow. One way to allow campus growth is to improve student life. One aspect that I enjoyed at Georgia State was that there were no classes from 1pm-2pm on Tuesday and Thursdays. This allowed RSO’s to run fundraisers and also promote their upcoming events. So during a student’s hectic school schedule, there was a short break that allowed them to rest and also find out new events that were happening on campus or find new organizations to be involved in.

Armstrong used to have something similar to this in the past, so this idea is a feasible one. An engaged student is a retained student, which I believe this will allow Armstrong’s campus to grow. In order for an idea like this to become a reality, the right person must be willing to put in long hours and a lot of work. I can assure you that I am that person. I am currently the chair member for Student and Community Initiatives for Student Government and I’m also the secretary for the Gay-Straight Alliance. I have personal experience working with Student Government and have secretarial experience. Make sure to go out and vote on April 13-15 via Port.