‘Evil Within’: An Absolutely Terrifying Sense of Atmosphere

Caleb Wilson, Staff Writer

I must say that I had high hopes for the game Evil Within because the director of the game is Shinji Mikami, who is most notably known for his creation of the iconic Resident Evil 4 Game.  As any large gamer knows, Resident Evil 4 had held the title of being the king of horror genre in recent years.

As I had finished my first play through of this game, I was filled with joy that I had played it. I finished the game in a 21 hour run on nightmare (Hard) mode, and upon completion of the game, I was told that I had died a total of 74 times in a beautiful variety of ways in which anyone that can stomach a true horror game will fall in love with. .

The game starts from the perspective of police detective Sebastian ‘Seb’ Castellanos, who has been sent to investigate a string of murders around a mental hospital in Krimson City with two colleagues.

The very instant you take control of your character as he steps out of the police car, you notice that something isn’t right. Besides your own, there are several other police vehicles with their doors ajar. Crumpled papers and debris are all around, but not a single human being in sight or earshot.

Upon entry into the hospital, the waiting room is decorated with mutilated corpses of patients, civilians, and other cops.

Soon after the separation from the other colleagues outside and then being dropped into an insane and deranged, yet beautifully crafted world of horrors the fun really begins.

A standard arsenal of weapons is provided in this survival horror game. The character has access to the normal pistols, shotguns, sniper rifles, and one unique feature to this game, the agony crossbow.

The agony crossbow can be loaded with many different types of bolts such as explosive, shock, freeze and flash.

This adds an extra element to the game, as certain enemies can be severely wounded by some and yet barely even be stunned by others. The ammo rationing in this game can be painful at times, every bullet counts. Making temporary retreats to scavenge for ammo to complete the job will be a key tactic.

Within the aesthetics of the game, every area was unique in its own disturbing way. Players will experience some of the eeriest light and shadow textures.

On occasion, I turned to open fire on my own shadow or jumped at a sudden noise in a utterly silent room. The Evil Within transports you through a diverse assortment of places with one theme tying them all together: an absolutely terrifying sense of atmosphere.

If you are a fan of survival horror games, you should go buy this one. It’s the gaming style you crave and love to play. If you aren’t a fan, don’t waste your time. It kept up its outstanding appearance the entire way through to one hell of an epic boss fight.