Guild Hall Gamer Pub to Open May 1



By Kylie Fields, Staff Writer

Sometimes you don’t want to get drunk and stumble down Congress Street. Sometimes you just want to sit back, have a beer, and play some video games with friends.
The Guild Hall, Savannah’s steadily growing creative community, has set its sights on opening a new restaurant on its vast campus. The theme? A British-style gaming pub unlike anything Savannah has to offer. Meet The Chromatic Dragon also known as TCD.

Facing MLK Blvd, the brick restaurant appears rustic on the outside, but inside is a feast for the senses. Patrons will be greeted by quirky staff, an intricate zinc bar coated with glowing dragon-scales, a sprawling projection screen, dragon sculpture, and so much more.

“Think about when you’re playing a game or hanging out with friends, and you run out of beer or pizza. What do you do? You have to get up, stop your game and go find something else to eat or drink,” marketing ninja, Ashlee Perkins said.

Devout and casual gamers alike, as well as anyone in search of a unique night out can grab a table and controller under one of several flat-screen TVs, including those over the bar. Video games, board games, table-top games, and party games of all kinds will be available for gatherings of any size.

Gaming, however, is not a requirement. TCD is also a welcomed change from boring meeting spots. With “Starter Quests” like the Sacred Rings, Fries of Mount Doom, Lord of the Wings (one wing to rule them all), and a geeky-themed menu that is rapidly expanding, The Chromatic Dragon will certainly be where boring nights out go to die.

Rising to meet Savannah’s culture of ale connoisseurs, they have partnered with Ommegang Brewery, makers of the several Game of Thrones beers, and will actually have them on tap at any given time. In addition to 12 taps and everyone’s old favorites, they will offer themed drinks like the “Cake-Is-A-Lie” cocktail, “The Star Lord,” and “Raphael’s Delight.”

They will even host costume/cosplay nights, live music in their covered outdoor seating area, and celebrations of nerdy holidays like May Fourth. The countdown to their grand opening on May 1 is almost here, so stop by 514 MLK Jr BLVD to gorge and game the night away.