Fall’s free event guide

There is no better way to welcome new Pirates than a week of entertainment to get freshmen acquainted with all the activities and events one can find at Armstrong. Although many events are listed on the university website, student calendar and via email blast, these resources are not always checked regularly.

This year, the Inkwell is excited to present the class of 2019 with this Freshman guide to Armstrong’s events so that they will know what, where and when things are happening on campus.

The Theater Department always has a show running, and they are all free for students with a current pirate card. Friends and family who do not attend Armstrong are also welcome to attend with a purchased ticket. Armstrong’s Masquers Summer Theater has been treating students to a production of  “Almost, Maine” — a story which takes place in Almost, Maine, and shows nine different love stories with characters that never cross paths.

“The only connection between all the characters is that all the stories happen at the same time, on the same night” says Sarah Mead, the properties mistress and light board operator for the show. “Almost, Maine” will run on August 28-29 in the Jenkins Hall Theater. Interested students can collect tickets from the box office in the Fine Arts building.

If plays aren’t your style, athletic events are another free Pirate card perk. With the basketball season beginning this fall, popular events such as the “Pack the Stands” organizational competition will bring in students from a host of campus organizations to support the team.

For the liberal arts lover, the popular lecture series “A Moveable Feast” returns this fall. Held at various historic locations in Downtown Savannah, students are invited to attend lectures by professors from various disciplines in Liberal Arts. Aptly named after a Hemingway memoir, this year’s lecture topics include Disney and South America, Middle class women’s previous use of a settlement house, and the history of jazz with quartet performance. All of events are free and open to the public.

Students can also keep up with events on campus by downloading the Student Government Association app, visiting the Armstrong website’s student life calendar. Any further campus chatter can be found on the app Yik Yak. Take all “yaks” with a grain of salt.