Rec Center: Meet new people, stay in shape

Rec Center: Meet new people, stay in shape

By Gannon Mason, Staff Writer

Summer may be over for Armstrong students, but staying healthy doesn’t have to be. The Recreation Center here at Armstrong is offering group exercises to students for free! These classes will be taught throughout the fall semester Monday through Friday, with each day having something new..  

Each course offered in the group exercise is actually taught by your fellow students at Armstrong who have been certified to teach you how to improve the areas of the body that you want to focus  on the most.

Ranging from yoga and ballet to relax the body and mind, to Insanity which gets your body pumping with high-intensity interval training, there are tons of activities for all students, new and old, to enjoy:

-BOSU: The class includes balance, strength, agility, and cardio exercises on a curved-top ball with a flat base that strengthens core stability

-H.I.I.T: This is a High Intensity Interval Training class and will focus on a full body workout. Best way to burn calories and gain muscle.

-Pilates: Pilates mat work; exercise to strengthen the core, improve posture, and increase flexibility for a total body workout

-Yoga: Designed to increase flexibility and improve overall range of motion. Deep relaxation, quiet contemplation, and mindfulness practice included!

-Zumba: Cardiovascular Latin dance class including various combos of dance that will get your feet moving and body sweating!

And so many more! Whether you want to meet some new friends, shed the “Freshman 15,” or just keep your summer body, swing by the Recreation Center and pick up a pamphlet with the times and descriptions of all the classes being offered this semester.