Budget-friendly, high-class dining meets starving students

By Llana Samuel, Arts and Entertainment Editor

As college students, surviving on the ever-shrinking student budget can be difficult, especially when you live and study in the food lover’s paradise that is Savannah, Georgia. There is always somewhere new to try and a different flavor for every day of finals week that one makes it out alive.

The Grey, one of the most talked about restaurants in the country, will soon team up with the Savannah Stopover Music Festival to bring you an affordable and unforgettable dining experience your wallet will be happy to indulge in. They call it “Stopover in the Yard.”

On September 19 you will be able to eat as much southern BBQ as you desire and enjoy music from some of the coolest bands in the South for a mere $21 per person. That’s a little over two days’ lunches on campus. Food service begins at 1 p.m. and includes a drink and your buffet-style lunch, though is first come first served. Music begins at 2 p.m. and goes until the food runs out.

Armstrong may have a campus that is a delight to look at, but it is nice to get out and explore the city. The Grey is located on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, built inside the old Greyhound station. Students can make a day trip out of the event or simply arrive on time and enjoy an afternoon of gourmet home cooked meals and good music. If $21 per person is still too high for your student budget, try lunch in the yard hosted by The Grey (though without musicians) each Saturday from 12pm for only $7

Not bad for a shoe-string budget. For more information on the event visit savannahstopover.com or thegreyrestaurant.com.