Meal plan to include more dining locations

By Zach Logan, News Editor

Armstrong State University’s meal plan just got a little more inclusive when it comes to where students can dine. As of August 13, students, faculty, and staff can now use their meal swipes at on-campus restaurants. According to the Director of Operations for Sodexo Dining and Conference Services, Stacy Callis, this is the first change that the meal plan has seen since 2011. She says this change will allow “more flexibility and options to the students.”

PCL student Kwanesia Ellis says she is happy to see more options on the meal plan. “I love it! The fact that it allows students the chance to swipe after the dining hall closes, gives us more chances to eat what we want and not be hungry after 8pm… Especially those with late classes.”

In addition to the Galley, students can now use meal swipes at The Perk, Patio Café, WoW, and Quizno’s. They can also use swipes at the Navigator Grill but only from 8-10pm Monday through Thursday. Each swipe will be the equivalent of four dollars charged. If the student’s meal cost more than four dollars, then they can pay the remaining balance with cash, debit, credit, dining dollars, or flex funds.

However, this is not the only change. Meal plan prices have increased by 3 percent this school year. Callis says that food cost is the reason behind the increase, not the addition of dining locations.

“The decision to offer a meal plan equivalency was made prior to any discussion of the FY2016 pricing structure,” Callis added.

Overall, students like Ellis say they’re happy with the new additions. Ellis says, “It’s much more beneficial and shows that dining actually cares about its students.” Callis says that they are always looking for ways to improve, and invites anyone with ideas to the next Food Crew meeting. These monthly meetings allow for students to offer feedback to Armstrong Dining on what they like and dislike as well as inform about upcoming events. The next meeting will take place on Thursday, September 10 at 7pm in the Memorial College Center Food Court.