Wanna go Greek? Here’s what you need to know for sorority recruitment week:

By Bailey Middlemas, Staff Writer

Sorority sisters across campus are gearing up for formal recruitment. The recruitment runs Sept. 9–13 and is dedicated to introducing potential new members to Panhellenic organizations. Armstrong’s Panhellenic sororities are Alpha Sigma Tau, Phi Mu, and Sigma Sigma Sigma. Throughout the recruitment process, potential members will be exposed to each chapter’s ideals on scholarship, leadership, friendship and service.

In an effort to familiarize potential new members with the recruitment process, the Panhellenic council
will host a fashion show Thursday Sept. 3 at 7 p.m.  Ladies from Alpha Sigma Tau, Phi Mu, and Sigma Sigma Sigma will come together to show off their favorite recruitment styles and give advice on appropriate attire for the week.  

“The fashion show is a great opportunity for young ladies coming through recruitment to see just how unified
and amazing our Greek life is.”  Katie Anne Fopiano, organizer of the show, said.  

Recruitment week’s mandatory events will begin with an ice cream social Wednesday Sept. 9.  Wednesday will be a relaxed orientation setting where girls will meet their recruitment counselors and receive tentative schedules along with further details for the rest of the week. In addition, the ice cream social will serve as the last opportunity for
interested girls to sign up for recruitment and pay the $20 registration fee.

Recruits can expect events scheduled Sept. 10–12 to be more formal.  Girls should arrive prepared to talk about themselves and spend hours mingling. They will ultimately rate their favorite chapters in an effort to match incoming
women with the best group.  

Bid day will occur Sunday Sept. 13.  Potential members who receive and accept bids will then be released to their new chapters for celebration and what many sorority women claim to be their most memorable day of college.

When asked what can be expected when going Greek, Michelle Pilkinton, Armstrong’s Panhellenic president says,
“Recruitment is a very exciting experience for college women, where she will meet many of her friends that will last a lifetime.  I am excited to be a part of this experience and help women find their home in one of our three beautiful sisterhoods.”

If you are interested in attending the recruitment events and have not signed up, you may register at armstrong.mycampusdirector.com/register/. The $20 fee can be paid by card when signing up, or cash will be accepted at the ice cream social.