Behind the weight bench: Tevin Duncan

By Ashlie McCormac, Staff Writer

Senior Tevin Duncan has been working at Armstrong’s Recreation and Wellness Center as a personal trainer since his sophomore year at the school. Last year, he was named rookie athletic trainer of the year. Duncan is currently pursuing a major in Public Health and after his spring graduation he wants to continue his schooling with a M.A. in Nutrition. 

He was able to share some information on how to stay healthy from a dorm room and keep off the freshman 15 with workouts of all intensities. Duncan explained that he used to do dips at the end of his dorm room bed, as well as pushups, situps, mountain climbers and planks. Duncan’s training is mostly based upon nutrition and his passion was apparent when explaining what could be done about eating healthy while in school.

One of the struggles college students have with eating healthy is staying up late. He explained that night-eating is harmful because metabolism burns more calories during the day. Duncan recommends eating large, healthy, meals during the day, and eating light at night (under 400 calories).

Tevin is also concerned with his clients’ sleeping hours, explaining that sleep is a large part of the healthy lifestyle. When asked how long he sleeps per night, he proudly stated that he does his best to get at least seven hours, but no less than four. He understands that for some people this may be a struggle, but said it’s important to get as much as you can.

“Everyone is welcome at the gym,” Duncan adds. He knows that everyone comes to the gym for different reasons and whether it is to lose weight or reduce stress, no one in the gym should feel pressured when it comes to working out. He is passionate about providing health assistance to those who need it.

Duncan is a motivating trainer and was able to work while maintaining a positive attitude. I encourage you to reach out to the trainers with an open mind and see how they could assist in creating a healthier lifestyle. Duncan is a motivating trainer and works while maintaining a positive attitude. Students are encouraged to reach out to trainers and find out how they can assist in crafting a healthy lifestyle.