Picture Perfect: Armstrong welcomes new photography professor

By Amanda Flake, Staff Writer

Hailing from her hometown of Maryland, Joanna Yoder, Armstrong’s new photography instructor, has brilliant plans and high hopes for the upcoming semester and ones to follow.

A graduate of Savannah’s own SCAD, Yoder found herself fond of her new home long before she arrived at Armstrong, and that love continues to grow as she becomes a part of the campus community.

Yoder’s love for photography and arts stemmed from the desire she once held of becoming a professional ballet dancer. When those plans fell through, she channeled her passion behind a lens and found her new calling.

Though it has been little more than two weeks into the fall semester, Yoder’s experiences with her classes have been above and beyond what she could have hoped for.

“I’m excited to work with students excited for photography” said Yoder. When asked what her expectations and goals were for the course she is teaching, Yoder claimed she “wants people to take the class and be glad they did […] to see people become passionate about photography and the dark room.”

While Yoder holds an interest for all forms of photography, she is particularly
enthusiastic about what is known as the “historic process,” or the past ways of producing photographs.

During her time here at Armstrong, she wishes to keep the “old ways of art alive,” and to “pass along the passion” for things such as the dark room, not letting this intimate form of art get lost in the new age process.