Seniors debut art ‘zine

By Llana Samuel, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Two Armstrong Art majors are casting a spotlight on creativity within their department through their own magazine, “Art Strong.” Gabriel Amadi-Emina and William Johnson, both seniors, will be releasing a magazine for students at Armstrong that exclusively features the works of students in the art department.

“We wanted to create something to use as a medium for expression,” Gabrial said. Gabriel, who graduates in December with a major in Photography, says his work has become popular through social media sites and word-of-mouth around campus. Of his project partner, William Johnson, Amadi-Emina says “Will is a very credible graphic designer.” Both artists intend to bring Armstrong’s creative community together through their magazine project.

Since Armstrong is more health and technology focused, he feels that the work of Art students is often overlooked. In fact, Amadi-Emina spoke of how many people do not know that the promotional posters and flyers distributed around campus are mostly made by art majors on campus for the marketing department.

He also noted “It’s not a matter of how the school looks at our department but more of how the students view themselves.” Art Strong magazine will feature information on programs within the department, events and art being made on campus. The two-man team has already lined up many articles and interviews with students for their first issue, which will be released in November.

A website, blog and other social media platforms will be launched in the near future to showcase the work of students and features on the inaugural issue. The concept, as the two want made clear, is not to be the Art department’s version of the English department’s student-produced Calliope  magazine. Art Strong sets itself apart with  simple fact that it spotlights the artistic talent hidden within Armstrong’s student community—and the outstanding Art department faculty too.

The first issue of Art Strong will be released at the end of the fall semester. For those who want to see a hard copy before everyone else gets their hands on one, a prototype will be available at Gabriel’s senior art exhibit November 13. In the words of Amadi-Emina “art doesn’t stop when you get a grade, it continues outside of class” and this is the essence his peer William and him hope to capture with Art Strong.