Top 5 tips for your everyday college struggles

Top 5 tips for your everyday college struggles

By Jocelyne Garcia, Staff Writer

Alert: The forecast you are reading is a lie

If you are from Savannah then you already know what Im talking about. The weather will go from perfect summer day to let me swim to my car!To avoid this, simply carry a small umbrella or rain jacket that isn’t bulky and can fit inside your bag. The extra weight is better than sitting in class soaked.

Today is not your cheat day

Working out may not be whats on your usual schedule. However, keeping a gym bag ready in your car is great motivation to hit the gym. Even if you go alone, the results will pay off and you will feel better about yourself in the end.

Bad hair day

Ladies, I hate to break it to you but those wand curls are not going to last through lunch in this humidity. To remedy this, always keep some bobby pins, hair bows, and travel-size bottles of hairspray or dry shampoo in your purse. Throw up a cute high ponytail or half-up hairdo to solve your flat or frizzy hair. Guys, you know the drill: baseball cap. If not, bring a travel-size gel bottle and a tiny tooth comb for a quick fix in the bathroom between classes.

My classroom is an igloo

You know the moment after walking across campus in the sun, then feeling like a new person as soon as you walk into your cool classroom? You also know that the feeling quickly comes to an end. Before you know it, your sweat turns to icicles. To fix this problem, carry a thin cardigan or jacket that you can easily put on without overheating.


We know you are. An easy way to stay hydrated is avoiding plastic water bottles. They soak up money faster than Bounty and are bad for the environment. Instead, buy a thermal bottle and refill it multiple times throughout the day. You can even add fruits or powders for some extra flavor.