New Greek housing in Compass Point

By Emily Smith, Editor-in-Chief

The newest edition to Armstrong’s housing is the option of living in a Greek community. The Compass Point 3000 building is now reserved for students who are in a fraternity or a sorority.

Housing officials were approached by the Greek community in spring 2012 and have been working toward providing the option ever since.

Although the housing option has turned out to be less popular than expected, about 40 students signed up to live in the Greek community this semester. “Greek students could not fill up the entire building,” explained Director of Housing and Residence Life, Nick Shrader. “However, this is the first step in seeing if the Greek organizations would do what is needed to justify other types of Greek housing in the future.”

Currently members from the Greek organizations Phi Mu, Alpha Sigma Tau, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Kappa Sigma and Sigma Iota Alpha are living in Greek housing.

Sophomore biochemistry major and member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Raymond Mesa, likes the organizations being part of a community. “It strengthens the bond between all fraternities together instead of being divided,” Mesa said.

Junior Early Childhood Education major and member of Phi Mu, Ryan Hague, says that there have been no problems so far and that overall the community seems content with the arrangement. However, there is no way to distinguish the Greek building as such. “I like it but there’s nothing to distinguish that this building is a Greek building,” Hague said. “It’s just how I lived in my other building last year in Compass Point except now everyone calls it Greek housing.”

Housing officials are currently in the process of researching and ordering Greek letters to have affixed to the 3000 building for each resident chapter.