Tim Tebow’s wings clipped by Eagles

By Tyrone Townsend, Staff Writer

After a decent run, the Philadelphia Eagles have decided to cut Tim Tebow. The Eagles press on with two returning quarterbacks, Sam Bradford and Mark Sanchez, as well as a free agent signee: the former Jacksonville Jaguar, Stephen Morris.

In the preseason Tebow threw for just under 400 yards and three touchdowns with only one interception. He also rushed for 82 yards and a touchdown. Meanwhile, his past NFL career has proved a struggle. He has been cut in past seasons by the New York Jets, New England Patriots and now the Eagles. Nevertheless, there is some hope.

It is possible that Tebow will return to the Eagles if Bradford or Sanchez suffer an injury, if a third quarterback is needed, or if Morris does not work out. The bottom line? Not many teams are chomping at the bit to sign Tim Tebow.

However, Eagles’ head coach Chip Kelly mentioned that he likes Tebow’s mobility, so he could use him again…maybe. However, it is widely known in the NFL that Tebow has an issue with reading defenses, not to mention his shoddy ability in completing accurate passes.   

For now, Tebow is likely to return to his former job as a football commentator for the SEC Network while patiently waiting for the phone to ring.