Armstrong fraternities excited for new recruits

By Mickey Green, Staff Writer

Armstrong Senior and Director of Recruitment for the Interfraternity Council, Nathan Rich says that if it were not for his fraternity brothers, he may have not continued at ASU. Rich says, “I planned on transferring, but because of my fraternity, I stayed at Armstrong for my undergraduate… They became like family.” Rich serves as the vice president of Communications for Pi Kappa Alpha (Pike) and hopes that a lot of Armstrong’s men will rush this semester.

Recruitment for the Interfraternity Council began Tuesday, Sept. 8, and runs until Saturday, Sept. 12. During this time, interested students can learn more about the fraternities like Pi Kappa Alpha, Kappa Sigma and Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Recruitment week offers students a chance to learn more about the process, preventing the nerves that often accompany rushing.

Rich recommends that the first thing to do is get rid of any negative stereotypes.  According to him, the negative stereotypes are a major issue that Greeks face.  Junior, Dustin Stewart, a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE), says of Greek life,  “At first I was skeptical about going Greek…the stigmas and attitudes other non-Greek people held didn’t help, either. I had a change of heart, though, when I met the brothers of Sigma Alpha Epsilon.”  Dustin says joining his fraternity was one of the best decisions that he has ever made.

Although recruitment week is already in full swing, there is still time for students to participate.  Interested men should attend one of the remaining two ‘smokers,’ a two hour event usually held at a restaurant where all members of their respective fraternity get to know those who are interested. SAE will hold their smoker Thursday, Sept. 10, and PKA will hold theirs Friday, Sept. 11.

The week wraps up Saturday, Sept. 12, for BID Day 12-1 p.m. Prospective members will accept a “bid” to become a part of a fraternity and Armstrong Greek Life.

For those who missed the event, open-bidding will occur throughout the semester. Open-bidding allows students the chance to be a part of a fraternity. Those interested in learning more about Greek Life or to find out more about smokers can contact the respective fraternity or Nathan Rich by calling (678) 986-7104 or emailing