Alumna flexes degree muscles with local radio

By Ayanna Thompson, Staff Writer

Armstrong Alumna and BOB 106.9 morning host, Karen Daiss, says, “Find out what you love and then find a way to do it.” Daiss certainly takes her own advice. She graduated from Armstrong in 2005 among one of the first classes of English Communication majors and minored in economics. Daiss says, “I was lucky to actually pursue a career in the field that I was studying and actually put my degree to use in the real world.”

She is referring to the competitive job market that many millennials are entering into, though it is clear that Daiss is a strong supporter of chasing dreams. She says, “It may not happen right after college. It may take some time to figure out what you want to do but if you’re passionate about something, you owe it to yourself to pursue that.”

As an undergrad, Daiss began as the copy editor and also wrote a fashion column for the Inkwell. Daiss says, “It helped to prepare for a future in the writing and editing field.” She then interned for Skirt Magazine, a former women’s magazine.

At Skirt, she met one of her mentors, the late Sabrina Simmons, who would play a crucial role in encouraging and supporting Daiss in the early years of her career. Daiss suggests, “There are so many resources available to you at Armstrong. Use them.” She sought the internship with Skirt while still at Armstrong and by doing so, she opened doors for other students to intern there as well.

Following Skirt Magazine, Daiss went on to write and edit for the Savannah Morning News. Later, she became the managing editor for a small local publishing company and also joined a marketing team with a nonprofit. She has been promoted several times leading up leading up to her current role at BOB 106.9 where she is the co-host of Tim Leary in the Morning.

When asked if she has any advice for students trying to navigate their college journey, she says, “If you can find a mentor then do it. Network. Do an internship. Treat college like a job. You only get this experience once, so make the most of it.”

You can stay connected with Daiss on air weekdays from 5:30–10 a.m. on the country music station BOB 106.9 FM.