Pirate Pilates: Open mind, open mat

By Gannon Mason, Staff Writer

“Pilates is a great exercise for anyone and for all ages,” director of the Recreation and Wellness, Megan Feasel, says. “Incorporating core strength and flexibility, Pilates targets every muscle in the body. It is a great full body workout that does not use high impact moves. It is great for athletes and individuals who lack flexibility.”

Feasel teaches a Pilates course every Tuesday and Thursday from 9:30-10:20 a.m. on campus at the Recreation Center. Pilates is one of the many group exercises that allows students to get together with friends or make new ones while strengthening the body. Feasel has been teaching group exercises and personal training for 10 years, while being certified through Peak Pilates.

Megan demonstrates variations of each Pilates exercise while exuding a friendly attitude in a way that people feel comfortable in participating in the class, no matter their experience. These options allow the students to freely choose what works best for his or her body.

As many may know, group exercise is about self-improvement, the enjoyment of working your body to its limits and feeling rewarded.

Though Pilates and any other yoga exercise is widely seen as a stereotypical female exercise, Feasel’s course has several men in attendance.  “It’s very challenging to guys because of their natural lack of flexibility in their joints and hip mobility,” Feasel says. Though she loves to watch them see a difference in their range of motion.

Despite that, she is seeing more and more men join her class. “People may struggle with the course at first because they may not be used to the exercise.” However, she takes pride in seeing her students succeed and enjoy the class.