Call of dooty: Housing provides plungers


By Emily Smith, Editor-in-Chief

Residents of University Terrace received free plungers Sept. 15 due to numerous maintenance calls for “broken toilets.”

“When our on-call technicians responded, many times we found toilets that were clogged, rather than broken,” Director of Facility Services Katie Twining said.

The purchase of plungers is a combined effort of both Facility Services, who manage the Terrace Apartments, and Corvias, who manage Windward Commons, Compass Point, and University Crossings.

“I’m happy about it, you never know when you’ll need a plunger,” Terrace resident assistant, Arianna Maldona, said.

Approximately 630 bathrooms were accommodated and the total cost neared $3,000. Plungers were purchased using Facility Services’ state-appropriated, operational funds. Corvias utilizes an internal operating budget.

“I appreciate it. I do like that they’re all new and not used. Thank you, Armstrong,” junior molecular biology major Antoniu Negru said.

Understanding that maintenance responses during late or early morning hours can be intrusive to residents, the distribution is intended to supply residents with the tools to address problems immediately.

“Corvias is still awaiting delivery of their order and will distribute them as soon as they arrive,” Twinning said.

Of course, there will be times when use of a plunger may not solve the problem. In such cases residents should contact their building’s resident assistant.