Young Republicans gather for second debate

By Jess Kean, Staff Writer

On Wednesday, Sept. 16, the Savannah Area Young Republicans joined each other for

a night of pizza, candidate roulette and national debate. With the presidential primary

election approaching in spring 2016, this was not only a convenient time for the Young

Republicans to get together, but also an opportunity for the Savannah community to

come out and learn about the National Republican Party.

The debate began at 8 p.m., however, doors opened at 7 p.m. for people to watch the

pre-debate and discuss general expectations and topics that were within the

forecast of CNN’s televised event. As each candidate began their introductions, dry

humor filled the room when a candidate made predictable comments. Joanna Shook, a

guest who identified as an independent, said, “It’s good. It’s a little immature, in my

opinion, but it’s good,” in regards to the debate.

As the night went on, the atmosphere remained light-hearted. The remarks and

commentary of the candidates seemed to shift some of the viewers’ outlooks. The group

chuckled as Republican candidate, Donald Trump, responded to conflict with humorous

comebacks to his fellow competitors.

Savannah Area Young Republican chairman, James Hall, commented, “That’s why

Donald Trump is so high in the polls – he talks the most.”

“America can weather any idiot,” Michael Nelson added about Trump.

Among the 11 candidates onstage, Carly Fiorina was the only female. During the

debate, Fiorina expressed several plans for national policies. Toward the end, there was

wide agreement that she would move up in the post-debate polls.

In a recent national CNN/ORC poll, Fiorina jumped from 3 percent support to 15 percent

support, taking a spot in between front runner Donald Trump and third runner-up Dr.

Ben Carson. The debate itself was three hours long. Even though the comments from

the watch party died down, the spirit remained high.

“There are 300 million people – it’s a matter of who is going to push America forward,”

Nelson said.

October looks to be a busy month for both the Republican and the Democratic

presidential hopefuls. The Democratic candidates have their first primary debate

scheduled for Oct. 13 in

Nevada. The Republicans will return for their third debate Oct. 28 in Colorado.

To contact the Savannah Area Young Republicans organization or to find out about

upcoming events, visit their Facebook page. Meetings are held on the last Tuesday of

every month at 7 p.m.