Fiesta Day: Experience Latin America through tastebuds

Takia Black, Staff Writer

On Sept. 17, HOLA hosted their annual Fiesta Day as part of Latino Heritage Month. Students were invited to experience Latino and Hispanic Culture, which included foods and music from Latin American countries such as Honduras, Nicaragua, Colombia, Guatemala, and Chile.

Lucero Aradillas, assistant director of Multicultural Affairs, explained the importance of Fiesta Day, saying,For our students, its important for them to come celebrate and experience our culture in a family environment.

Aradillas also stated how other Latinos can have an eye opening experience. Maybe Im Mexican but I never tried Dominican food.She also described the event as enriching for campus life. The fiesta day allows other non-Hispanic students, faculty and staff to come try the foods, listen to music and meet the people.

The event not only allowed the Armstrong community to see that there is a Hispanic presence on campus, but also showed the importance of participating in culture.

Emmanuel Diaz, Vice President of HOLA spoke about how one can take away from the experience saying [Fiesta Day] gives you the opportunity to see all different countries in Latin Americawhen you think of  Latin America, you think of one specific country, they dont know all the specific parts that make it up.

Visit The Inkwells website for a full calendar of upcoming Hispanic Heritage Month events.