Madame Mingo’s Horoscopes: Intro to Zodiac signs

What’s your sign, baby?

Aries (ram) 3/21-4/19: Aries is the sign of self, intuition, and birth. As the cardinal sign associated with spring, these Arian natives are aggressive initiators who would much rather begin a project than finish it.

Taurus (bull) 4/20-5/20: Melodious, loyal, and earthy, this bull loves indulging in their senses. From cozy blankets to creamy desserts, a Taurus is all about things that please them. The Bull is one of the most emotionally stable Earth signs until they are pushed to their limits.

Gemini (twins) 5/21-6/20: Communicative and intelligent, this astrological sign is known for its dualistic nature. This sign carries within it both yin and yang energy and could easily be both for and against a cause. If you enjoy conversations that bounce around from topic to topic, befriend a Gemini gem.

Cancer (crab) 6/21-7/22: These intensely-driven moon children rule the subconscious and anything dealing with intuition. Instinctive, unpredictable, and mysterious, these crabs can either be the life of the party or the enigmatic wall flower. Emotionally aware and subjective, crabs make excellent listeners and life coaches.

Leo (lion) 7/23-8/22: The friend who lights up a room and is always down to party! This sign knows how to make an entrance. Leos are loyal and generous with their overflowing affection. These signs are natural born winners.

Virgo (virgin) 8/23-9/22: Intellectual, analytical, and outwardly calm, the sign of the maiden remains constantly pure of intention and heart. This is the sign to call when you need something done efficiently.

Libra (scales) 9/23-10/22: Fair and weighted, the sign of the scales is constantly looking for justice and weighing their decisions carefully. Libras are friendly, natural romantics who enjoy all that is beautiful. They make excellent debaters and can easily surround themselves with beauty in a way that creates a natural harmony with themselves and others.

Scorpio (scorpion) 10/23-11/21: Easily one of the most misunderstood signs. These personalities are bold and intense and are easily capable of performing difficult feats with utter calm and confidence. Introverted and withdrawn, these scorpions are constantly observing their surroundings and because of their secretive nature, prefer to remain behind the scenes.

Sagittarius (centaur) 11/22-12/21: The philosopher of the zodiac. Like their symbol, the Sagittarius is like an arrow, always focused on a target. Impatient and impulsive, these signs prefer results that come directly following action, preferring not to waste time waiting for things.

Capricorn (goat) 12/22-1/19: Capricorns are intelligent and highly philosophical. They apply worldly knowledge to practical matters in order to maintain stability and order at all times. Patient and persevering, a Capricorn will stick to a goal until the goal is accomplished. Although resentful of criticism, a healthy Capricorn will continue to follow their plan through to the end.

Aquarius (water bearer) 1/20-2/18: This is the sign of iconoclasts and unorthodox leaders. They are the humanitarians, standing for many different causes. They are honest, loyal, intelligent and make friendships easily and naturally. They are philosophical and often direct this energy in an artistic and poetic way.

Pisces (the fish) 2/19-3/20: The Pisces enjoy learning and often keep a low-key approach to life. Filled with the energy of the entire zodiac, Pisces find it easy to take on honest, unselfish, and trustworthy approaches to everyday life. The fish is often gentle, generous and willing to help anyone in need.