“Creation of the World and Other Business” sells out

By Kiara Reid, Staff Writer

Tickets to the play “Creation of the World and Other Business” sold out within days of going on sale, making it one of the must-see plays of the semester. The production by Armstrong’s Art, Music and Theater department showed each night from Sept. 23 to Sept. 26.

The play, written by Arthur Miller, is inspired by the book of Genesis in the Bible and follows what happens when God decides that he wants grandchildren through the comedic retelling of how man and woman came to be.

The Garden of Eden set, along with soft music playing in the background, greeted the audience at the beginning of the play and setting continued to play an important role throughout the play. As the locations switched from the beautiful Garden of Eden to the bare housing that Adam and Eve soon found themselves living in, the audience was transported to these places and allowed to interact more with the play.

From evoking laughter at Adam’s willingness to kiss a tree rather than make a move on Eve, to Archangel Lucifer’s plot in persuading God to allow her to rule by his side, the actors put their heart and soul into each scene. The cast, which included theater majors of all backgrounds, breathed life into each of their characters, and successfully captured the right amount of emotion from each viewer.

The lights dimmed to the sounds of Adam’s heart wrenching cries as he held Abel’s limp body in his arms. It was near impossible for the audience not to feel empathy for Adam and Eve’s loss. In fact, the audience was left wanting more.

Student Andrew Andrulewicz  described the play’s focus on of the world’s creation as something “interesting” and added that the play was full of “beautiful language.”

JoJo Ward, Soundboard Operator, said  “Creation of the World and Other Business” was “One of the best shows. The creation of the world is a very hot topic. You have the creation of Adam and Eve, Lucifer and God, and everything that happens in between.”

If you missed out on the opportunity to see the most popular play of the semester, there are more productions coming this Fall. For more information on upcoming plays, stay updated with the Armstrong Masquers Troupe Facebook page.