What to expect when taking an art class

By Jocelyn Garcia, Staff Writer

Some students like to assume that taking an art class is an easy and fun stress-reliever. However, that is not the case as one senior Art Education major, Diana Gonzalez, tells explains.

When most people hear the word “art,” they think of a painting or drawing. However, there are several other types of media that can be classified as art such as sculptures, photography, textiles and ceramics.

Gonzalez says “It’s not just making a drawing. There are printmaking, photography and painting classes. It really challenges you to make good compositions and make you think about what you are doing.”

Science classes aren’t the only subjects to have highly expensive textbooks. Art students have to purchase expensive books and materials for their classes that can range anywhere from a few dollars to hundreds.

Gonzalez adds “It’s really expensive. The school doesn’t cover all of your fees for the materials to complete coursework.”

Time management is equally concerning for those who view art classes as an easy elective. Most art classes have projects instead of exams, though some combine both. Where projects require original work and tests only require you to apply your knowledge, it can be just as time-consuming to complete a project as it is to study for a test.

Reminiscing on the hours spent on her own art projects, Gonzalez says “sometimes you don’t even have time to eat.”

Most art students can agree that even though art classes can be expensive, time consuming and harder than originally thought, it is rewarding to see your own original ideas come to life. Even though the costs are worrying at first sight, selling your artwork can retrieve some of the money spent putting them together and, students get to see their names alongside their accomplishments.