Students take to Latin dance


Takia Black, Staff Writer

On Tuesday, Sept 29, Armstrong hosted another successful event celebrating Latino Heritage Month. Armstrong’s HOLA Club partnered with Salsa Savannah to offer beginner Latin dance lessons in the Student Recreation Center. The students learned how to Salsa, Bachata, and Merengue.

Freshman Joseph Little said, “Salsa Savannah is super famous. I enjoyed it and I think I learned something.”

Salsa Savannah was founded by Omar Rodriguez and Austin Williams. Rodriguez had just moved to Savannah three years ago and he quickly recognized the lack of a Latino dance scene.

“Salsa is like a passion,” Rodriguez said. “It relieves stress and brings happiness.”

Rodriguez also explained the differences in the three dances taught at the event: “The music is different. The basic steps are different too. In Bachata, you step side-to-side, while in Merengue you step in a rhythm with your partner: ‘One, two. One, two.’ It’s  learning process, but it doesn’t matter what level you’re used to. You always have to go back to the basics.”

Rodriguez has been dancing for ten years along with his dance troupe, who travel the country entertaining people.

Crystal Perez and Gina Vergarus were both in attendance, leading the lessons. The two even drummed up an impromptu performance for the students. Rodriguez, Perez, and Vergarus returned Tuesday, Oct 6 for a second round of lessons. Students were in agreement that the lessons were a great way to wrap up Latino Heritage Month.