Residential Housing Games in full swing

By Kiara Morris, Staff Writer

Each semester, Armstrong’s Resident Student Association hosts the Housing Games. Their Hunger Games-like fliers feature the slogan, “May the odds be ever in your favor.”

The motivation? Good grades. Resident students are encouraged to bring copies of their A and B graded papers to the housing office in order to earn spots in a final drawing. This semester’s prize is a 40 inch Samsung TV.

Angela Storck, Assistant Director of Housing and Residence Life, says the purpose of the contest is to reward the efforts of students striving academically  

“The Housing Games was designed to be a fun way to recognize students’ academic achievement. So much of what we do at Armstrong revolves around supporting students who are struggling academically, and that is a worthwhile endeavor that should continue. We just wanted to add a fun way to recognize folks who are doing well and give those students an additional way to earn something for their academic achievements.”

Storck states that she wants to continue the Housing Games making the prizes different each semester but useful for students. “We have had quite a few winners over the last couple of years. Our most recent winner was Shawna Defreitas. She won an HP Stream notebook computer at the end of last spring term.”

All residential students are eligible to participate in the games. The contest ends Friday, Dec 4, at 5 p.m.