New Beer Club offers more than a buzz

By Elijah Clarke, Staff Writer

The Beer Club, also known as the Armstrong Home Brewer’s Association, invites everyone to join. The club meets Thursdays at 3 p.m. in room 109 of the Science Center. Gian Maleki, a senior chemistry student, currently serves as the club’s president.

The group makes a variety of drinks including cider, beer, wine, sake, soda, smoothies, tea, and more. Jonathan Pope, club secretary, says, “If you have an interest in any type of brewing then joining this club will be such a genuine learning experience.”

Still fairly new to campus, the club is busy with creating a recognizable logo for the association. They have decided that their colors will be green, gold, and maroon. The club is also looking at different options to fundraise both on and off Armstrong’s campus, including selling soda, tea, and beer. The Beer Club is also working on a Facebook page for the group under the name, Armstrong’s Home Brewer’s Association.

The group has also been brainstorming different ideas at their meetings. The Beer Club is looking into using some of the foliage around campus for flavors of new drinks, including a rose bush and a Taiwanese orange tree. In the future, members would like to use the different flavors to make Armstrong its own signature drink.

The Beer Club welcomes all new members. Though they cannot drink alcohol, those under twenty-one years of age can still join. Even Armstrong staff members  are welcome to be a part of the club.

“Many faculty members at Armstrong are interested in the club and [have] joined,” Maleki notes. Dues are fifteen dollars for each new member. The club’s next meeting is at 3 p.m. Thursday, October 8.