Discover Japan without leaving Savannah

By John Keen, Staff Writer

On Wednesday Oct. 14, Armstrong’s Japanese Pop Culture Appreciation Club (J-PAC) will host a screening of “Boruto: Naruto the Movie” at Carmike Wynnsong Theater. This is the first step for J-PAC to receive official recognized service organization (RSO) status, which will provide them the ability to host future events.

J-PAC is more than just an anime club. It also celebrates the Japanese culture in a social setting.

“This is a social club where people, both those who go to Armstrong and those who don’t, can get together, watch anime, socialize, and eat as a club,” said J-PAC president Brandon Ellershaw.

J-PAC activities include: learning Japanese from a GPB series called Irasshai. Members spend over an hour each week watching such series as “No Game No Life,” “Anohana,” “Fate Stay series,” “Future Diary,” and “Tokyo Ghoul.”

“After [watching anime] we go out to eat…due to many bad experiences I tell club members to avoid Huddle House. Maybe we should just stick to Japanese-style restaurants,” Ellershaw said jokingly.  

Joining J-PAC requires simply filling out an attendance sheet. There are no fees to join. Anyone can come and go as they please during club hours.

Unfortunately, membership has fallen off in recent years and Ellershaw urges anyone with interest in the club to attend one of their meetings.  Club meetings are held Wednesdays from 6–11 p.m. in Solms 110. This Wednesday Oct. 14,  J-PAC will meet in Science Center 1107.