Health and Wellness Fair a huge success


By Kiara Morris, Staff Writer

On Oct. 7, Armstrong hosted its annual Health and Wellness Fair in the Student Union Ballroom.  Graduate assistant for the clubs and sports and wellness programs, Laura Schmarkey, organized the event.

“Basically, we have different types of vendors,” she said. “Everything from mental, physical, any type of wellness you could think. We’ve got dentists, personal trainers, and nutritionists. We have a lot of the different health departments like Coastal and Chatham community giving information and awareness about breast cancer, HIV.”

The fair gave students, faculty, and staff the opportunity to learn about and prevent illnesses.

“We also have a lot of doctor practitioners here doing spine checks and skin checks. There a lot of different types of screenings going on,” Schmarkey said.  “We also have community-service-type vendors. A lot of recreational based vendors. We also have a ton of Armstrong Departments. Armstrong Respiratory is here, health clinic is here, Armstrong personal trainers…”

Perhaps the most intriguing company was The Anderson Cancer Institute, which featured two real lungs with air being pumped into them to show the effects of smoking. Oncology Resource Liaison from Anderson Cancer Institute, Morphia Scarlett, explained the difference between them.

“We have a lung display which is showing a healthy lung and a carcinogenic smoker’s lung and information on why it’s important that you should not smoke,” she said.

Junior Biochemistry major. Katie Anne Fopiano, was interested in the education, as well as the treats found at the Smoothie King booth.

“I came because I like being involved on campus and I want to learn more about what they offer,” she stated. “I just got here and the first thing I did was get a smoothie.”

Free smoothies, health pamphlets, services, and tons of other goodies were abound. Around 300 guests and 48 vendors in attendance at the fair provided education, fun, and relaxation to all.