Armstrong’s Allen twins

Armstrong’s Allen twins

By Heather Romage, Staff Writer

The Allen twins are two soccer players recruited from Brookwood High School in Snellville, Georgia. Jennifer, best known as Jenny, and her sister Michelle have had an interest in soccer since their older sister began playing.The twins began at Armstrong in 2014. While they had scholarship offers from other schools, they felt that the Pirate players and coaches “treated them like family.”

The twins feel that being on the same team as well as being the same age does not hinder their ability to play. They do not have to worry about one sister getting more field time since they do not play the same position. This allows them to be evenly played.

“They tell us apart because I wear my hair straight and Michelle curls hers” said Jenny.

In the beginning, teammates could only tell them apart by their positions. Michelle is a defender and Jenny is a center forward, which keeps them on separate sides of the field.  Now that the players can tell them apart, the sisters do not think it causes much confusion.

“Going to different schools to play definitely would have been different since we have never been apart,” Michelle said.

Since the twins have never played apart, they feel that they would have been a bit lost without the other. They support and give honest advice to each other that could not come from anyone else.  

Another set of soccer twins, Amanda and Ashley Green, play the same position so their play time can vary.

Both sets of sisters explained that it is a relief to have another set of twins on the team. They feel they can relate to each other more than just as teammates. The sisters have never played with other twins before coming to Armstrong.

Both Jenny and Michelle feel they would not have found the bond and support with the team that they have found at Armstrong if they had chosen another college.

“We honestly love it here and would not even reconsider our choice to play soccer for Armstrong,” Jenny said.

The Allens’ careers have taken off here at Armstrong. They have started strong and hope to finish the same way.