Catch the Drift

By Zach Logan, News Editor

Our news editor gives you a look at what’s trending, so you don’t get left ashore.

  • People are going crazy over Adele’s new single, making it the biggest video premiere of 2015. On Friday, Oct. 23, the British singer debuted her new song “Hello.” The “Wall Street Journal” reports that the video was played one million times per hour within the first two days of release. “Hello” is the first single from Adele’s newest album, “25,” which drops Friday, Nov. 20. The singer is expected to perform on ‘Saturday Night Live’  Saturday, Nov. 21.
  • Your lunch at McDonald’s could become even sweeter. According to the popular fast food restaurant, sweet potato fries will be served in eighteen McDonald’s restaurants. Don’t let your taste buds begin to salivate just yet: all eighteen test locations are in Amarillo, Texas. But if the sweet potato fries receive positive feedback, we could see them on menus across the nation. Earlier this month, McDonald’s began serving certain breakfast items all day. Recently, the hamburger chain saw an increase in U.S. sales. ABC News reports that McDonald’s credits the “all-day breakfast menu” as one of the reasons for seeing growth this quarter.
  • And congratulations, Savannah! According to the website,, the Hostess City is the best dressed city in Georgia. Tell us something we don’t know! The website looked at the biggest cities in the Peach State and compared things like population and number of retail stores. The list is actually called “The 10 Worst Dressed Cities in Georgia,” but Savannah ends the list at #10 making us the most fashionable. said, “The people in Savannah dress to the nines and take pride in the way they look. In fact, sometimes, it’s intimidating.” Albany, GA, took the title for worst dressed city in the state.