Panic in the Pen: Prepare for a scare


Jordan Broampanic in the pen picture

All Hallow’s Eve is nearly upon us and as tradition calls for, everyone wants to pay to get the shit scared out of them. Panic in the Pen delivers for the low price of $10, $8 for students, military, or first-responders.

The joy of your screams is for the zombies but your money benefits Explorer Post 876 and the Wounded Warrior Project.

Chatham County’s abandoned jail is four floors of horror, gore, and more, located at 133 Montgomery Street in the notoriously haunted Savannah, GA. The correctional facility is only open Oct. 29, 30, and 31.

The four blood-drenched levels restrict the “inmates” to their own floors, lest they escape. Bodies drape the gurneys on the infirmary floor. Power tools slice open inmates in the machine shop. A butcher demands more meat in the kitchen on the chow floor. Cell doors are open on all levels but be weary of the lockdown level.

Surviving Panic in the Pen:

          Arrive Early!

Ticket sales begin at 6 p.m. and are limited to the first 1,000 victims! No tickets are available for presale, so if you are dedicated to a night of fright, rally your crew and get there before the rest of the Halloween crowd swarms.

         Bring Your ID

Students, military, and first responders must have their picture ID in order to receive the          discounted price.

         Get in the Right Line

The lines are long and you don’t want to have waited an hour only to realize you haven’t purchased your ticket when you get to the jail door. There are separate lines for the ticket booth and the entrance.

         Bring Friends

Dead prisoners roam the lines along with dead sisters holding hands. Some scream, some chase. You will want friends by your side before you even enter the haunted prison.

–      Food First

The snack truck is located within feet of the entrance and, unfortunately, at the end  of your long wait. Purchase your snacks before the truck is right in front of you.

–      “If You Don’t Touch Them, They Won’t Touch You”

When you enter the prison, you are placed in a room with an officer who eerily relieves your worst fear of being touched by these gruesome prisons. Remember that behind all of the masks are volunteers, not punching bags or people paid enough to be annoyed by your poking and prodding.

–      Walk Slowly

8-10 people are allowed in a group, so as you walk through, give the actors time to get into character before you rush into the next room.

–      Let Yourself Be Scared

People screaming to be funny, trying to be brave, and making a joke out of the tour takes away from the scare factor, so allow yourself to get scared. There is no reason to be embarrassed about screaming. That is what you paid for, right?

Celebrate your Halloween getting lost in Panic in the Pen!