A student’s guide to last-minute Halloween costumes

By Kayleigh Leadbetter, Staff Writer

Some people plan their Halloween costumes months in advance. Others tv-moviefind themselves rooting through their closets at the last minute looking for things to create a makeshift, somewhat recognizable costume.  

For those who find themselves frantically searching for a costume the day of Halloween, here are some ideas that are quick and easy to put together.


Dressing up as a character from a different decade is a Halloween classic. Each decade has an iconic fashion trend that can easily be emulated.

\Try a fringed dress for a sassy 1920s flapper look, or pull on a pair of jeans, a white tee, and some Chucks to be a standard 50s greaser.

Boogie the night away in a pair of 70s printed bell bottoms and a suede vest. Add some circular, colored sunglasses and a flower headband to complete the look.

Channel 90s grunge in an oversized plaid flannel, a band t-shirt and a pair of combat boots.

Not a fan of dwelling on the past? Don a pair of skinny jeans and some enormous reading glasses. Spruce up any existing beards or draw one on for the perfect modern-day hipster outfit.

TV/Movie Characters

Costumes that depict iconic television and movie characters are always great Halloween costume options.

Pay homage to “Breaking Bad’s” Walter White in a yellow hazmat suit (a yellow onesie will work just fine) or a green button-down and some tighty-whities. Complete the outfit with a pair of thin-rimmed glasses.

For a medieval look, wear a long, platinum blonde wig and a floor-length blue gown like Daenerys Targaryen from “Game of Thrones.” For bonus points, convince friends  to dress as dragons.

Fan of horror films? A pair of overalls matched with a striped shirt, frizzy orange wig and Converse perfectly replicate the evil doll Chucky. Enhance the look with facial scars and a plastic, toy knife.

The Quick Classics

  • One of the most popular last minute costumes is a witch. Just grab a black dress, a pointed hat, and a wand.
  • Wearing a torn shirt splashed with fake blood is the perfect look for a zombie. Add some pale face makeup and darken the eyes.
  • A tail, black ears and painted on nose and whiskers make for a cute and simple cat costume.
  • An all-black outfit with a terrifying mask is always a crowd pleaser.
  • If all else fails, throw on a white sheet and say “boo.”