Corey Crunk crushes Armstrong athletics

By Kiara Morris, Staff Writer


It can be hard enough for many athletes to balance a sport while maintaining grades decent enough to earn a college degree. Adding a
second sport can never be easy but one athlete has found a way to balance his responsibilities.

Corey Crunk is a member of the Armstrong State baseball and cross-country teams. He is a junior liberal studies major who has also found a way to be named to the Peach Belt Conference’s All-Sportsmanship Team. Crunk balances his sports equally and whole-heartedly. For Crunk, baseball and cross-country are incredibly similar.

“All sports are part skill, part work ethic and part mental-toughness. I am excited and thankful that all of my teammates have accepted me. I enjoy getting to know my new baseball teammates and I also enjoy getting to better know my cross-country teammates.”

Crunk explained that two things brought him to run for the Pirates cross-country team this season.

“I always wanted to. I took a class with Coach Sergi and his attitude and personality are contagious. He is someone you want to mirror as a man,” Crunk said

Crunk recommends perseverance when running cross cross-country.

“When you run long distances, your mind can hold you back. Physically you are able to run a lot longer than you think. Your mind tries to trick you when you are uncomfortable and tells you to quit. It is fun not listening to your mind and pushing through.”

Crunk remains grateful for both teams. He has learned that no matter the sport, working together always makes for a terrific year.  

“Participating in two sports is wonderful. I am blessed to have the opportunity to do so. All of the guys are great and having great teammates makes everything worthwhile.”

While the cross-country season draws to a close, the baseball season will soon be here. Crunk is ready to continue his success on the field, much like he does on the trail.