Cicada Rhythm returns to Sentient Bean

By Whitney Ziemak, Staff Writer 

The sound of Cicada Rhythm, a talented folk, jazz and acoustic pair, is no stranger to Savannah natives. Americana soul and Georgia-made numbers create a whimsical musicality that represents this pair’s fresh talent.  

Cicada Rhythm will return to the Sentient Bean (13 E. Park Ave.) for the second time at 8 p.m. Friday, Nov. 20. Admission is $5. The duo is returning to Savannah after some extremely busy months of tours, performances and their second album release.

“We had an incredible show when we played there back in June…They’re really starting to build up some steam,” said booking agent for Cicada Rhythm, Nathalie Maciel.

After a tour out West with Houndmouth, starting in Wisconsin, the duo makes its way back to its hometown roots of Georgia and coffee houses like Savannah’s own The Sentient Bean.

Athens-based duet Andrea DeMarcus and Dave Kirslis are enthusiastic about sharing their sound of modernized folk and blues sound with Savannah once again. Since June, the group has hit Ohio, Tennessee, and much of Georgia,  almost doubling their total number of performances.

“We signed with New West Records in Nashville back in early April after wrapping up a successful spring tour and started a management deal with GT Music Group,”Maciel said.

Though they formed only four years ago, Cicada Rhythm has released two albums: the first “experimental” album, was self-recorded in different college studios and the second self-titled debut album, was released Oct. 30.

The musicians have a talented perspective to offer which is infectious in their music. They do what it takes to showcase their sound at its best, including recording their album in an old church with great acoustics and no power.

Ideas for duo names like “Rhythm Oil,” crossed paths with “Cicada Village,” landing Cicada Rhythm with a matchless sound comparable to the harmonious hum of the insect-inspired name. Their music is composed of Andrea DeMarcus and Dave Kirslis’s voices, as well as a guitar and stand-up bass played by DeMarcus.     

Cicada Rhythm’s second visit to Savannah in just a few short months is proof that their fanbase is growing. The band will play their second show at the Sentient Bean Nov. 20, but fans can listen to tracks from their new album via the Inkwell’s website.