SGA treasurer explains funding for student organizations

by Bailey Middlemas

As a student government executive board, one of the goals we committed to is ensuring transparency between the Senate and the student body. As the student government treasure, I feel it is important that the student body is aware of the Recognized Student Organization (RSO) budget.  This is a budget overseen by the student government that can assist in funding events held by any RSO on campus.  

For the 2015 to 2016 school year, the budget started at $25,000.  So far we have expended approximately half of the budget, leaving the other half available for spring requests.  

The process for receiving funds begins with the application. The application consists of a few questions about your organization, requested funding, and the purpose of the funding. It is also asked that an itemized budget be attached to at the time of submission. It is titled Recognized Student Organization Budget Request Form and can be found at

Once the SGA treasurer receives your application, the organization’s given contact can expect to receive an email within two weeks to schedule a meeting with the RSO funding board.   The RSO funding board consists of at least 5 senators and the SGA treasurer.  It is expected that a representative of the given organization be present at the scheduled meeting to discuss funding request further.  

Following a meeting with the RSO funding board, the panel will determine whether the request meets necessary guidelines to receive funding.

“The board considers a multitude of factors when determining the amount of funding given to each organization, such as size of the event, number of times event has been put on, and also whether there will be guest speakers or people outside the Armstrong community are participating,” Austin Goolsby, member of the funding board said.

If the request passes through the board, it will be taken to the following SGA senate meeting for final approval.  

Once funding is ultimately approved or denied, the organization’s contact will receive yet another email with instructions for receiving their funds.