Boat Parade lights Savannah River

Bradley Mullis, Arts and Entertainment Editor

The efforts of Savannah’s Harbor Foundation ended November with a bang as the procession of 35 decorated vessels traveled down the Savannah River for the Boat Parade of Lights.

The parade is an exciting event that simply must be seen to truly understand. A nice spot for viewing could be found at the Westin across the harbor, where spectators could experience an exceptional view of the boats.

The Boat Parade traversed both sides of the river, giving viewers and tourists alike an eyeful of colorful decoration. Live music performances accompanied the ceremony along with a tree lighting.   

“This will be the second year I’ve come downtown to watch the Boat Parade go by,” local attendee Haley Holland said. “I like to bring my younger sister with me, she just loves how beautiful the ships look when they’re all lit up.”

Admission to the event (which is really nothing more than a ten dollar donation) goes entirely toward Greenbriar Children’s Center. The Center, which has been around since 1949, lives up to their mission statement, “Devoted to the care of children and youth who have reached difficult times in their family life and striving to provide them a normal, healthy lifestyle.”  

Viewing the parade, accompanied by the melodies from the courtyard bands provided an excellent way to get into the Christmas spirit.